Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can I send gifts to my sponsored child?

Answer: The logistics in getting items to Haiti, and specifically to Z’Orange, is difficult and expensive. Gifts from sponsors for a sponsored child can cause problems; imagine the awkwardness in delivering a gift to one child with many children watching who will not receive a gift. Also, Haitians in the villages do not celebrate birthdays. We encourage you to donate the amount of the gift you would purchase to the “School Fund” in Z’Orange in lieu of sending a gift. That will enable children who may not have a sponsor to benefit from your giving heart.

Question: Can I write to my sponsored child?

Answer: You can write to your sponsored child if you know someone who is going to Haiti with TEM who can deliver the letter for you (include your sponsored child’s first and last name with the letter). We encourage you to attend one of our many trips each year and personally visit your child and their family. We ask that you do not provide the child or family your personal information at any time.

Question: What is life like in Haiti?

Answer: Haiti is a country with few resources and extreme financial poverty. While it is a hard country, the people are very resilient. God’s blessings pour out in any country. The Christians in Haiti consider themselves blessed, and are very appreciative of those who help them.

Question: How are my sponsor dollars used to help the child?

Answer: Your sponsorship donations go toward the cost for the child to attend school. This includes basic school fees, daily food, and teacher salaries. Parents are required to pay what they can for the child’s schooling. Many parents can only pay a small portion of the fees; your sponsorship helps offset what the parents cannot pay. We wish for the parents of the sponsored students to be a part of their children’s education, so they are responsible for uniforms, books, and testing fees.

Question: Are there other ways I can help?

Answer: The most important thing you can do is to pray for the country of Haiti, the school, its teachers and students each day. You can invest time in the school and this valley by visiting with us on a trip. You can get the word out to friends, family, churches, small groups, or Sunday School classes about the sponsorship program. You can organize fundraisers and support TEM in its efforts to raise money and resources.

Question: How will I know which child I am sponsoring?

Answer: Once we receive your monthly or annual sponsorship, you will receive an email containing basic information about your sponsored student, along with a photo.

Question: Will I receive updates about how my sponsored child is doing at school or will I hear from my sponsored child?

Answer: A team will visit the school once a year to obtain a new photo and a letter for you from the student. There will be no personal contact between you and your student unless you visit Haiti with TEM.

Question: Can I pick my child for sponsorship?

Answer: You pick the gender of the child and we pair you with the child. We will pair you with a student who has the most need of sponsorship. Pastor Dorleon is the director of the school, and he knows these children, their families, and their circumstances better than anyone.